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Desk Assistants



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Name: Luz
Hometown: Phoenix
College: W.P. Carey and Barrett
 Supply Chain Management
Year in school: Sophomore
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I'm a first-generation student, and I cand do embroidery.  
Career Goals: To become a supply chain manager for Coca-Cola.
Extra Curricular Involvement: I am involved in the Coalition of International Students, El Concilio, and Vista/Villas Residential Council 


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Name: Zachary
Hometown: Manteca, Calif.
Major: Marketing
College: W.P. Carey School of Business
Year in school: Sophomore
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I created and ran my own organization that held events and concerts across the state of Arizona.
Career Goals: I hope to be the head of marketing for social media purposes for a music label or a Fortune 500 company.
Extra Curricular Involvement: I am a member of Younglife, a leader in a local young adults ministry, and president of marketing for a small music group. 


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Name: Lizbeth
Hometown: San Luis, Ariz.
Major: Business Law
College: W. P. Carey School of Business
Year in school: Sophomore
Career Goals: To attend law school
Extra Curricular Involvement: I am part of the executive board of the Hispanic Business Student Association and am also a Business Ambassador.


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Name: William
Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Major: currrently in the Exploratory Program
Year in school: Sophomore
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I was born in the same hospital as Lebron James and Steph Curry. I've traveled to 38 countries and 42 states.
Career Goals: PE teacher, entrepreneurship, football coach
Extra Curricular Involvement: Rotaract (past vice-president)


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Name: Kayla
Hometown: San Diego
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (concentrations: Business and Tourism Development; Management)
College: Integrative Sciences and Arts
Year in school: Senior 
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I had the opportunity to participate in the Disney College Program.
Career Goals: To work for the Walt Disney Company Corporate.
Extra Curricular Involvement: I am vice president of program development and historian for Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.'s Pi Delta Chapter.


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Name: Odalis (Downtown Phoenix campus)
Major: Exercise and Wellness
Year in school:  
Interesting fact about yourself/experience: I'm passionate about making a difference in access to quality healthcare.
Career Goals: I look forward to continuing my education journey and applying to nursing programs in the Valley.
Extra Curricular Involvement: I'm a member of both the Physical Therapy Club and the Arizona Global Health Project. Last year I worked at two outpatient physical therapy clinics and received hands-on training on how to treat patients.