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Positive Psychology

The power of positive thinking can empower you and help you thrive.

 Below, you will find resources to help you practice and create a more mindful life. 

What is Fixed or Growth Mindset?

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Carol Dweck started researching this topic. Now her discovery has shaped our understanding of learning. Learn more here.

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coaches share positive psychology

First-Year Success Coaches share more about Fixed and Growth Mindset

Do you have a Fixed or Growth mindset?

Take this quiz to see what you would do in a class you think you are bad at. Can you get better or will you stay the same?

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mindful straight talk

The Mindful Guide to Straight Talk

Nine tips for keeping it real while engaging in meaningful communication.

Free Guided Meditation brought to you by ASU Adulting 101

Practice the basics of meditation and mindfulness with Take 10 (an app for your phone)

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